5 Basic Dog Training Commands

Dogs understand the world through environmental stimuli – sights, smells, sounds and taste.

Basic dog training requires associating a specific sound (a command) with a specific behaviour through immediate and repeated rewards. Vary the situation as much as possible while keeping the command and expected behaviour constant, and the reward immediate.

Once the association becomes habitual, distractions are added and reward is gradually removed. This is the logic of all training, regardless of what specific technique you use. Puppies are especially receptive to positive training as they are eager to learn and understand the world. Reward doesn’t just mean treats; dogs love attention and praise as well!

The following are step-by-step instructions for teaching your dog the five basic commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Come and Leave it.

  • Teaching your dog to Sit
  • Teaching your dog to Stay
  • Teaching the Down command
  • Teaching your dog to Come on command
  • Teaching your dog to Leave it

Remember, training is meant to be fun (for both of you). So, be patient, don’t get frustrated and above all enjoy the time you get to spend with your dog!

Dog Training Tips

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