So, what’s next?

3rd May 2011 – Over the past few weeks I’ve been increasingly aware of more and more issues with the game. These include things like pages not loading, problems getting Silver Coins, friends disappearing, and general slow response times of the pages. Firstly, I’d like to give a quick explanation as to the reason for this.

Pet Pupz was completely re-coded about 18 months ago to speed things up. At the time this worked, but Facebook recently moved away from an old way of integrating with them (REST API) and released a new, faster method (OpenGraph). Because of this, the old system seems to have been pretty much left to degrade meaning that we’ve suffered.

So, the only real option is a recode of the games (I’m including Cute Catz and Happy Horses in this) which is likely to be fairly time consuming and expensive. We now run the apps as a ‘hobby’ as they only really make enough money to cover the server costs (which is why buying the occasional dollar’s worth of Silver Coins and Gold Fish is so important – without them we wouldn’t be able to keep the game running).

Having said that, I’ve come to the conclusion that we have enough loyal players to warrant the investment, so we’re going to start the re-code this week. It will take a while but will mean we’re able to fix the bugs, speed up the game and (shock, horror) add new features.

I’ll be posting updates every week or so as to how the update is going.

Also, you’ll be seeing a few more changes to and more posts being released from our application page. Expect to see more community driven features and, as they come, please try to get involved – the more you talk about Pet Pupz the more likely it is going to be able to continue.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support,


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26 Responses to “So, what’s next?”

  1. Angie Watts says:

    Thanks Matt for the update – I don’t know anything about coding so can’t volunteer to help!

  2. Anders Olsson says:

    Thanks for telling us a little more about the current work, and some in depth about the evolvment of the game, both past, present and for the future.

    I am sure many will be happy to read this, as we are many who love the game, and been here long time.

    Thanks for all your hard work
    Anders Olsson (Owner of Red Snake)

  3. Cathy Duvall says:

    Thanks for the update Matt and the explanation. As Anders stated, we love the game and have been around since almost the beginning. Your loyal players aren’t going anywhere. I do purchase silver coins as much as I can afford. With the economic state affecting so many people I can understand some who can’t. I’ve posted on my wall for my friends to purchase silver coins when they can.

    Thank you for all your hard work and looking forward to an improved game.

    Cathy and Scruff2

  4. Kelly Williams says:

    Thanks for the update, Matt. Appreciate you taking the time to update all of us. Looking forward to the “community” aspect!

    One of many loyal PetPupz Players,

    Kelly (owner of Daphne)

  5. Shirley Herman says:

    Love your conclusion! Thanks Matt.

    Note to self: Buy more Silver Coins.

    Pet Pupz is a great app and Pet Pupz friendz are the bezt.

    2 year old BessieFace is approaching Level 200 and looking forward to storming the leadersboard in the next few years ;-)

    Shirley (Collections Helper)

  6. TriplePPP says:

    Thank you for the update. I must be the lucky one because I haven’t had any problems. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. {wink}

    Skittle2 and Johnny2

  7. Carolann Desmond says:

    Thanks Matt,
    I have never ahd any problems either.

    Carolann and Mono

  8. Judy Battle says:

    Thanks, Matt for your explanation and commitment. My question is how we get the Silver Coins awarded for Super Rewards that have been ignored (no response from SR)???? Many of us depend on these rewards to earn silvers for membership. That system is totally broken as is Hidden Pixel (no response to problems registered there).

  9. Susan says:

    Thanks for the info Matt.. I assume that you will be taking all 3 apps down at the same time. Can you give us an approximate date for that, and a guesstimate of the length of time they’ll be down?

  10. John says:

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for the update.

    Any plans on updating the jobs page, I believe it has been static since its introduction.

    You could add further training of a large scale 12 things or more just to qualify for one job and the puppy points required to do the job could be costly, encouraging people to play or buy. Don’t make it only Silver Coins though keep puppy points as an option.

    Once this training was complete for each new job they could do new jobs that had time limits of 5 days, a week or 2 weeks maybe even one a month at extreme.


  11. Heather, Gerti, KattyLoo & Ruthin. says:

    Thanks for your info Matt. I love my Petz – cat, puppy & horse & would hate to lose them. Thanks for working so hard. Slowness can be frustrating, but I still love my petz.

  12. Kara says:

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering why I was having problems. Can’t wait for the updates. I love pet pupz. No one believes I get up at 3am just to do them.

  13. Judy Battle says:

    Matt is it possible for you to develop a special Champz Wall or Hall of Fame for those who successfully reach level 1000? The present set up is that the Pup disappears off the board then with nothing but a “1000 level” badge to show for that supreme accomplishment.
    Perhaps you can do this while you are improving other aspects of PP. THANK YOU in advance!!!!!

  14. Charles Carroll says:

    Thanks, Matt … this is really needed and great news for PP and it’s loyal followers. Also, I agree with Judy Battle.

    Charles Carroll and Cappuccino
    Perennial No. 2
    (We try harder!)

  15. Barbara Ruggiero says:

    Thank you, Matt. I have started playing a few apps since joining FB…but Pupz is the only one that I’ve stuck with. I truly miss Jovi if I don’t log on every day!!! I have met more than a few awesome people thanks to Pupz

  16. trina says:

    Hi there,
    i am pretty new to these apps, but i have added all of them and enjoy them, and im trying to get my friends interested.
    can you tell me why i didnt receive my silver coins for these apps, as i just want to see how they work, before i purchase any.
    thank you

  17. Kara says:

    On May 12th you put an update to use Firefox or Chrome, Just an FYI there is problems on firefox too as I keep getting a (NOT RESPONDING) like it says for internet explore is not responding. It is only on the facebook site. Didn’t know where to put this as couldn’t reply to that update.

    • Cathy Duvall says:

      Kara, anytime you experience any problems you can get the fastest response if you post on the main pet board.


  18. Anita says:

    thanks for the update :)

  19. Claire says:

    Where can I find the compatability mode to switch it off please :o)

  20. Shirley Herman says:

    I like Judy Battle’s idea of Super Champz board as well. Maybe that would encourage the leaders not to hang on to the top spots by holding back on playing Champz to avoid hitting 1000. Someone else suggested to me that they might do that, but I hope they would not. Having a Super Champz list for playerz over 1000 to be listed in order and sort of their own competiion would be cool. Having a special Hall of Fame board for those who have achieved 1000 also very cool idea.

    We all really appreciate that you have not forsaken us.

    Quick Personal Favor Please: Would you vote for GINGER FRONT PORCH here:
    Click, scroll, click. That’s it. So much appreciated.

  21. Bente says:

    Just wondering if there is anything new, according to this recode thing. It has been a little over 2 month since the maessage, and the only thing I have noticed to be different, is that you’re able to send out 40 gifts.

    it would be nice to get just a line or two every once in a while to know what’s going on.

    Last time any information was given on the main board on CC was feb. 23’rd.And I remember the word seeon was used in that sentence. I’m also wondering if anyone can get me a definition of that word.

    Maybe I should mention, that I play CC only. So of course I don’t know if this counts for the other games too.

  22. Shirley says:

    Nudge :-)

    Good point Bente.

    What happened to: “I’ll be posting updates every week or so as to how the update is going.”

    I heard there was a newsletter but I didn’t receive it and I did receive the first one.

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