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Chow Chow Breed Information


The exact history of Chow Chow as to where it came from is unknown. What is known is it is a breed that has been in existence for quite a while. In fact, the oldest dog fossil discovered, dated several million years ago, has the same structure as those of Chow Chow pictures painted on […]

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Dog Goes Undercover


I just stumbled across this on YouTube and had to share… it’s a quick one, but shows just how smart dogs can be – especially when they’re chilly! Enjoy :)

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Dog Workout

We all know that dogs are good for you. Energising the mind, keeping us active, providing companionship and – through the magic of the daily walk – making sure we get plenty of exercise. Some, however, take things to the next level… like in this video for example. We think this active canine should get […]

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4 Years of Pet Pupz

I usually try to blog about this a little earlier in the year but, as has become custom nowadays, things have been so busy that I just haven’t had chance. So, on the day when I turn 29 years old (big one next year – eek!) I thought it would be the perfect time to […]

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Boxer and Baby Play – Adorable

This video is ultra cute, although if you read the comments below the YouTube video it does raise a few questions about how safe it is to let a dog play like this with a baby. We’d love to hear your thoughts – is this super adorable or a just bit dangerous? [youtube=]

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5 of the Strangest Celebrity Pets

Celebrities like to outdo one another in whatever way they can. Whether it be buying ever more ridiculously expensive gifts in the shape of jewellery, cars or even planes or throwing the most outlandish parties. They don’t stop there though, even when it comes to selecting a pet they can’t settle for man’s best friend […]

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10 Things Never to Forget as a Dog Owner

You Are the Owner. As much as you love your pup and the two of you are the best of friends, never forget that you are indeed the owner and the one in charge. Just as it is with kids, you’ll need set rules and expectations for your pup and stick to them. Be Consistent. […]

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Pets and the Holidays

As Christmas approaches everyone’s thinking about gifts and cards… but who’s buying for their pets and who’s including their furry companions as part of their seasonal greetings? Pets and the Holidays graphic created by Trupanion.

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Pet Obesity

Produced by Pet365, this pet obesity graphic shows just how bad the problem is becoming. As humans we’re all getting fatter but passing this onto our pets is inexcusable. Fortunately there are a few easy changes you can make to keep your pooch trim and slim! Pet obesity graphic produced by Matt Beswick for Pet365 […]

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Why High Quality Pet Food is Worth the Price

Just as people are becoming increasingly aware of how many preservatives, hormones, synthetic dyes and chemicals are present in many conventional food sources, and how detrimental they can be to human health, so are they realizing that synthetic chemicals are not good for their beloved pets, either. The health craze that has been sweeping the […]

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