Boxer and Baby Play – Adorable

This video is ultra cute, although if you read the comments below the YouTube video it does raise a few questions about how safe it is to let a dog play like this with a baby. We’d love to hear your thoughts – is this super adorable or a just bit dangerous?



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4 Responses to “Boxer and Baby Play – Adorable”

  1. JHaumersen says:

    Very cute video. Linus’ behavior is very typical of boxers. And the parents are doing it right, with supervised interaction. Linus and the baby will both benefit.

  2. Sherry says:

    Boxers are some of THE best kid dogs. They adjust well, as a matter of fact, Boxers RA nothing more than 4 legged children themselves. I have never heard of a Boxer “Turning” on anyone, much less a child!

  3. Concerned Parent and Dog Lover says:

    I think you have your adjectives reversed. It’s a bit adorable and super dangerous. There’s just a risk involved to that innocent baby that is not worth taking. These adults are not being responsible for this baby. I love dogs, boxers, all kinds. This one is lovely and well-behaved. Accidents still happen and can never be reversed for the baby or the dog should he have a momentary bad reaction to something. The result would be disasterous for both and just not worth the risk for whatever cuteness or bonding or growth or whatever you want to call what is taking place here. The supervising adult even said the baby was frowning at one point, clearly not thrilled with it all and they just yayed about it. More than once the dog’s paw, which has toenails btw that are not fun to get hit in the eye with for an adult let alone a baby, and all they did was verbally warn the dog. What does it take for them to see that an accident can happen no matter how well trained their dog is or how well they know him or how gentle they believe him to be. He is a dog. And that’s a baby. You can’t be perfectly sure what either of them might do. Too much risk involved for my comfort. I would never take that risk with my baby and have a difficult time seeing anyone who would do so with theirs as being a responsible parent. You’d better believe if the dog did turn on the baby, they’d be hiding the video and hoping not to be brought up on charges of neglect or be faced with being required to put their dog down. Just not worth it.

  4. Angele Sherlin says:

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