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Dog exercise is an important part of training and caring for your dog.  Most dogs need at least one daily walk and without it you can find yourself with a very mischievous mutt! Doggy behavioural problems tend to stem from dogs feeling bored and isolated, suffering a lack of stimulation or not receiving adequate socialization as puppies.

Walking with your dog should be enjoyable for you both, however, rather than enjoying bonding time with their furry friend, some owners find dog walking a hideous chore.  If your dog pulls on the lead you can feel like you’ve ran a marathon rather than just walked around the block.  So, how can you make your dog walks easier?

1. Make sure you are your dog’s leader.  This sounds easier than it actually is but it extends much further than just dog walking.  This is not an exhaustive list but, for example, never let your dog through a doorway in front of you, consistently correct any behaviour you don’t like, don’t let your dog eat without your permission and only allow him to eat when he is calm and submissive.

2. Always walk in front of your dog at all times but especially when out walking.  Correct your dog when he steps out of line and pulls the lead tight, let the lead slacken then give it a corrective tug and then let the lead slacken again.

3. If possible, walk more than one dog at a time.  Dogs always walk much better in a pack but again, you must use calm assertive authority and never let any of the pack assume what should be your position as leader.

4. Make sure your dog’s collar fits well to keep him safe and make sure you have control of him at all times.  If your dog does not walk well on a lead consider using a harness or a Halti Headcollar to give you more control.

5. Make sure you have everything to hand during your walk so that you feel calmer and more organised.  Start off your walk on a good note by not having to frantically run around beforehand collecting everything you need.  DOOG have designed an award winning Walkie Belt, which is great, especially for summer walks or when out running.  It will give you both hands to control your pack and has pockets for everything you’ll need, such as doggy bags, hand wipes, treats, phone and keys.  It even has clips to attach the lead while cleaning up after your pooch!

6. Some dogs, especially working dogs, will feel much calmer and walk better when they are given a job. EzyDog now have a Summit Backpack which you can fill with water and anything else you need and put on your dog to carry during the walk.  This will also make the walk more effective at draining your dog’s energy.

7. If your dog is well motivated by food then consider Clicker Training to teach him to heel and stay by your side during your doggy dates.

8. Make sure that your dog has a dog ID tag and is microchipped.  Not only are ID tags required by law but they’ll also give you more peace of mind while your dog is off lead.  The best way to exercise most dogs is to let them off lead and allow them to run.  Aerobic exercise is great for them and will make them much more content, but you also need to be sure that your dog is well trained in recall. Find a treat that your dog absolutely loves to use for recall training and practice this command, a lot! Or, you can try a dog walking app to make things easier for you and your pup!

9. If you’re walking for long distances, your dog is doing a lot of aerobic exercise or it’s a warm day, you’ll need to take water to keep you both hydrated. Lots of pet stores now have travel water bowls for ease of carrying while you’re out and about.

10. If you have to walk early in the morning or late in the evening when it is dark make sure your dog wears some reflective gear, such as a reflective collar or coat, so that he can be seen by drivers.

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