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Help your dog keep cool with our summer pet tips


While we all enjoy the outdoors in the summer time, it’s not always quite as much fun for our doggy friends, they can’t strip off the same to deal with the heat and heatstroke can have fatal consequences for them.  They can also become dehydrated easily and suffer from sunburn. Help your dog enjoy the […]

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Miniature Pinscher Breed Profile


Miniature Pinschers are well-balanced, compact little dogs. They are often mistaken for miniature versions of Dobermans as they’re very similar in appearance but the two are not related.  Historical paintings and artifacts suggest that Miniature Pinschers have been around for far longer than Dobermans and it is believed that they are a result of cross […]

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Dog Walking Hints and Tips

Dog exercise is an important part of training and caring for your dog.  Most dogs need at least one daily walk and without it you can find yourself with a very mischievous mutt! Doggy behavioural problems tend to stem from dogs feeling bored and isolated, suffering a lack of stimulation or not receiving adequate socialization […]

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Have a stress free Christmas with your dog!

Picture the scene, you’ve just returned from a lovely walk in the crisp white snow with your furry friend.  He’s now lying by the roaring fire, the lights on the Christmas tree are twinkling in the corner and you’re lounging on the sofa, glass of wine in hand, watching heartwarming Christmas movies. Lovely isn’t it? […]

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How to help your dog cope with fireworks

Bonfire night is fast approaching and this means fireworks! It is very common for dogs to be frightened of fireworks and other loud noises as they can find the unpredictable bangs and flashes distressing. Read our tips to help you and your dog cope.

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Choosing the right dog collar

There isn’t one right dog collar for every dog. Choosing the best dog collar depends on which breed of dog you have and what types of activities your dog enjoys. Think of your pet’s collar like his version of clothes – would you wear work boots to go dancing, or sweat pants to a nice […]

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Solving dog behaviour problems

Many dog owners experience behaviour problems with their dogs. A lot of the time these problems are quite minor but they can be frustrating and other times they can be downright embarrassing! Some problems such as barking at the postman and excavating your garden are quite natural behaviour for dogs but can still be considered unwelcome behaviour. There are also more serious problems such as aggression and biting, which can be a danger to your dog and others, and these problems absolutely have to be dealt with.

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Home made dog treats recipe

Home made dog treats are a great way to make sure you’re giving your dog healthy, tasty treats that you can be sure don’t have any nasty ingredients.

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