Help your dog keep cool with our summer pet tips


While we all enjoy the outdoors in the summer time, it’s not always quite as much fun for our doggy friends, they can’t strip off the same to deal with the heat and heatstroke can have fatal consequences for them.  They can also become dehydrated easily and suffer from sunburn. Help your dog enjoy the […]

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Want a Healthier Dog? Here are Tips on How to Boost His Health.


Making the right dietary decisions for your dog is essential in order to keep your furry friend healthy and active. Consumers can choose among a wide range of different dog food formulations in wet and dry varieties and in a number of flavors.

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Common Dog Ailments

All dog owners must deal with illness at some point in their pet’s life. Like us, dogs can fall sick for a variety of reasons and need special care and treatment. Since your dog cannot verbally communicate their discomfort or symptoms to you, it’s important to educate yourself about how to prevent diseases, learn to […]

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Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Canine hip dysplasia is an abnormality in the formation of the hip socket, which keeps the rear leg from fitting into it properly. It is common in large breeds, with some pure breeds having a 50% rate of incidence.

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Dog Insurance: Getting a good deal

The idea of purchasing pet insurance has probably passed through your mind a few times, but choosing an insurance company is often daunting. We’ve come up with five tips to help you choose the best dog insurance for your pet.

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Foods that you shouldn’t feed your dog

Although there is nothing wrong with giving your pet a balanced diet similar to yours, there are some human-safe foods that could be quite toxic to man’s best friend. From fruits and vegetables to nuts and chocolate, pet owners should be very careful not to feed their dogs any of the foods listed…

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The importance of exercising your Dog

The benefits of exercise can hardly be overstated. We know that as human beings, we need regular exercise, especially given our hectic yet sedentary modern lifestyles. So, what about dogs?

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Reducing Dog Obesity

It is estimated that up to 40% of dogs are overweight, and yet the majority of dog owners are either unaware or in a state of denial that their beloved pet has a problem. Overweight dogs suffer from a number of health issues both daily and long term – if you’re concerned, you should always […]

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Home made dog treats recipe

Home made dog treats are a great way to make sure you’re giving your dog healthy, tasty treats that you can be sure don’t have any nasty ingredients.

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