How Much Do You Spend on Your Pet’s Toys?


Infographic created by Data Trouble.

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How Much Do Americans Spend on their Pets?


Infographic created by Millbry Hill.

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YouTube – Dog laughing hysterically, Laughing sounds added! laughing dog

Something to brighten your day – Dog laughing hysterically, Laughing sounds added!

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YouTube – Funny Dogs Video

Something that made me smile:

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Allergies to pets.

Itchy watery eyes, sneezing, hives are not fun to experience anytime. When the symptoms of caused by your pet or a family member or friends pet it can turn in to a serious problem. Our daughter was allergic to dogs and cats when she was younger. Her allergies when she was exposed to a dog […]

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Picking our puppy

When choosing a puppy we asked a vet what he would recommend. His thoughts on choosing a puppy were to not choose the one that is very excited and jumping and peeing all over the place, as it would signal a hyper dog. He advised not to go with the puppy that was overly shy […]

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