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Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Canine hip dysplasia is an abnormality in the formation of the hip socket, which keeps the rear leg from fitting into it properly. It is common in large breeds, with some pure breeds having a 50% rate of incidence.

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Leonberger Breed Information

Often called the gentle giant, the Leonberger is a large, muscular, regal looking dog with a double long haired coat and bear like paws. The long, waterproof outer coat is durable, straight, and fits close to the body.

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Foods that you shouldn’t feed your dog

Although there is nothing wrong with giving your pet a balanced diet similar to yours, there are some human-safe foods that could be quite toxic to man’s best friend. From fruits and vegetables to nuts and chocolate, pet owners should be very careful not to feed their dogs any of the foods listed…

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5 Basic Dog Training Commands

Dogs understand the world through environmental stimuli – sights, smells, sounds and taste. Basic dog training requires associating a specific sound (a command) with a specific behaviour through immediate and repeated rewards. Vary the situation as much as possible while keeping the command and expected behaviour constant, and the reward immediate. Once the association becomes […]

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Affenpinscher Breed Information

The Affenpinscher originated in Germany and the name is taken from two German words, Affen and Pinscher, which means “monkey terrier”, and is one of the oldest and rarest terrier breeds. The breeds ancestors are portrayed in 15th century paintings. The modern breed however originated in early 17th century Germany.

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Reducing Dog Obesity

It is estimated that up to 40% of dogs are overweight, and yet the majority of dog owners are either unaware or in a state of denial that their beloved pet has a problem. Overweight dogs suffer from a number of health issues both daily and long term – if you’re concerned, you should always […]

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