Teach your dog to Leave It

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Training your dog to understand “leave it” is all about making the right option more attractive and rewarding than what he’s currently involved in. Repeat the following 3-4 times in a row, twice a day for at least a week:

Step 1: Get some of your dog’s absolute favourite treat and also another kind of food item or toy that he is not familiar with. If you use food, make sure that it’s not going to be particularly tasty for him. Remember to use a different item every time.
Step 2: Place the new, unfamiliar item on the ground in front of him.
Step 3: When he comes close to it, tell him to “Leave it” or “Leave” in a firm, serious voice. If he continues to be interested in the food, wait and repeat the command. As soon as he looks or turns away from the item, reward him immediately with his favourite treat and lots of praise.

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