Teach your dog to Sit

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The best way to teach your dog to sit may depend on his age. If you’re training a young puppy, follow these steps:

Step 1: During play time, keep some yummy treats in your pocket and pay attention to your dog’s movements.
Step 2: Any time he’s about to sit, say “Sit” in a clear, firm voice.
Step 3: As soon as he sits, reward him.

Repeat this exercise whenever you play for a few days. Gradually change the situations and start saying “Sit” even when he’s busy doing something else. Reward immediately.

In case of older puppies and dogs, the following technique is more successful:

Step 1: Get your dog’s favourite treat and stand facing him.
Step 2: Keeping the treat a few centimetres away from him, move it from a level below his head to the level of his nose and keep moving upward until you are a few centimeters above his head.
Step 3: In expectation of getting the treat, the dog will sit down. As soon as his rear end touches the ground, praise and reward him.

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