5 of the Strangest Celebrity Pets

Celebrities like to outdo one another in whatever way they can. Whether it be buying ever more ridiculously expensive gifts in the shape of jewellery, cars or even planes or throwing the most outlandish parties. They don’t stop there though, even when it comes to selecting a pet they can’t settle for man’s best friend or even a regular, but every-so nice cat. Nope, they’ve got to go that one step further. Here are some of the ‘best’…

Steven Tyler’s Racoon

Let’s face it, this guy is kooky, so when he discussed his childhood pet racoon on the Letterman Show eyebrows were raised. However, the general consensus was, ‘yeah, I can see that, Steven and his racoon.’ He apparently would let it sit on his shoulder while fishing. Not particularly rock and roll, but certainly interesting. Although this all sounds a bit bonkers, there are specialised breeders who supply racoons as pets. They claim they make extremely good pets if raised and trained correctly, but they would wouldn’t they.

Lord Byron’s Bear

The poet it seems was not a fan of the establishment and proved a point while studying at Cambridge. Campus rules decreed that students weren’t allowed to keep dogs and this upset Byron as it meant his much beloved canine Boatswain had to stay away. You can see what’s coming, right? Yes, Byron took a bear as his roommate. As there was technically no law about keeping bears on campus the creature remained.

Michael Jackson’s Monkey

Bubbles! Arguably the most famous chimp on the planet was it seemed Wacko’s best pal. Despite the mockery of the superstar’s eccentric behaviour the two remained firm friends. During the Bad tour Bubbles went to Japan with Michael and was even taken to tea with a Japanese mayor.

Tycho Brahe’s Moose

Tycho was big in the 16th century. Really big. It is believed this nobleman astronomer was worth 1% of Denmark’s entire wealth in the 1580s and would often host huge parties at his castle. Part of the entertainment would quite often be his pet moose. Although there is no record of the moose’s name it was quite a hit and would remarkably get drunk at Tycho’s shindigs. Unfortunately during one such occasion the moose had drunk so much it fell while coming down the stairs and died.

Audrey Hepburn’s Deer

Pippin the deer was given to Audrey prior to filming on Green Mansions, a film in which she played a forest girl. The idea was to create a believable bond between the two before shooting began. It worked and the star kept Pippin post production. It apparently had a bath tub for a bed and roamed happily about Audrey’s estate. It wasn’t entirely unusual either to see her out and about with the baby deer, a sight that stopped people in their tracks.

This has got me thinking. I mean I love my pet, Mr. Tiddles but maybe it’s about time I got him playmate… a hyena perhaps? Or maybe a kangaroo?

Alan Jones is a dedicated follower of celebrity culture, something he tries to not let interfere with his day job of sourcing engagement gifts and presents for Find Me A Gift.


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