Two Dog Searching Tips to Save Stress & Money

Are you looking for a new dog or maybe even a puppy? Are you currently on the market looking for havanese puppies for sale? Most people have a knee jerk reaction when they find out they want a pooch as a resident. From here many folks fall for puppies, and many people want a very specific type of dog breed. If you are the average dog owner looking for a puppy, and getting hung up on a specific breed might be two big mistakes.

Adopting a puppy is a major commitment. Puppies are not house-trained, they don’t even know their names, and aren’t aware of any rules accept looking cute and having fun! Puppies require a commitment from all household members to be a part of the training process. This of course takes time, and constant attention. A dogs behavior will need corrected over and over, but especially during the first year of ownership. Are you ready for this? Does your schedule permit time for training?

Adopting an adult dog is like bringing on a veteran pitcher to a starting rotation. They act like they have been there. Adult dogs in shelters are usually there because their previously owner couldn’t afford to own a dog, got divorced, moved, died, or worse simply gave up on owning a dog. These dogs are eager to take their household skills, tricks and proven track record to a warm and loving place. Adult shelter dogs may not need as much training and their personalities will be transparent because they are older. If you want an easier transition to having a dog, adult shelter dogs are worth a shake.

Another mistake people make is getting hung-up on what type of dog breed to adopt. If a dog isn’t a purebred animal that doesn’t mean it’s a wild mutt. In fact, most dog breeds today are breed from various a few original dog breeds. Mixed breed dogs many times are healthier because inbreeding is a problem in the breeder communities who obsessed with what they define as perfect dogs. A perfect family member to most people is a dog who is loving, playful, and has a laid back disposition. Shelter dogs are typically less expensive to acquire than fancy breeders, and they are healthier, that savings will compound over time.

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