Picking our puppy

When choosing a puppy we asked a vet what he would recommend. His thoughts on choosing a puppy were to not choose the one that is very excited and jumping and peeing all over the place, as it would signal a hyper dog. He advised not to go with the puppy that was overly shy or seemed frightened, as that could signal a problem dog later. The perfect puppy according to him, was the one that showed affection but wasn’t jumping all over the place or overly shy. The puppy that took a few minutes to come forward. The puppy that picked you by coming to you in their own time.

When the time came to choose our puppy, we waited for the perfect one. There were six to choose from. Three were bundles of energy that wouldn’t stop jumping around. Two wouldn’t hardly move and seemed frightened when you reached for them. The runt of the litter was the one that was calm and came to us. It was love at first pet. When I picked him up he just snuggled into my arms and was so content. So he came home with us.

But did the puppy live up to the advice of the vet? Not in the least. He did not like children or adults. He barked at everything. He filled the neighbours with fear. It was comical to watch a man over six foot tall and 200 pounds hesitate before coming into our house. Of course he always asked where the dog was. To us he was very loving. He was my constant shadow for over 15 years. If I would have to choose a puppy again, I would look from an online classified ads website like https://www.americanlisted.com/minnesota_23/pets_and_animals_47/pitbull+puppies/ and still choose a pet like him.

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  1. Shawna says:

    I also picked the runt of the littler :-) My “runt” is now a 140 pound Great Dante, Dante. Dante is my baby and I don’t know what I would do without him! Like your puppy, Dante snuggled in my lap and fell right asleep. As soon as he did that, I knew he was meant to be part of my family!

    Great advice on how to pick a puppy, Cathy!

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