Caring for your Coton de Tulear

Written by Rebecca Brown of Sunnybrook Cotons:


Grooming your Coton de Tulear is not something that you start and finish. It is something that you start and continue for the life of your dog.
Regular grooming at a dog grooming center is important as this is when you are also checking your dog over for any problems or health issues that may arise. You need to start at one end of your dog and check the skin , coat, feet etc. All the way to the other end each time you groom. You may be looking for any thing out of the ordinary. Skin irritation, cuts,foreign material in the hair etc.

When and if something is wrong, you will hopefully notice the change. Our dogs health and well being is in our hands. When we take our coton to the veterinarian, they only see him for ten to twenty minuets. They do know what is normal for your dog, but you will and that could be critical.

Once you complete your over all check, take your pin brush and gently go over your dogs entire coat for five minutes or so. This will loosen up any small tangles and make it easier for you to groom the coat with your metal comb. (the brush is basically used to just loosen up your Cotons coat).

Next you will groom your coton with a comb. This is the most important tool in grooming and caring for your Cotons coat. We start in one area on the dog and comb section by section. The goal is to comb the entire dog to the skin. Taking small section by small section makes it easier to cover all areas.

When combing or brushing your Cotons coat, you always want to use a grooming spray. NEVER groom the Cotons long coat dry. The coat is dry and you will end up breaking the hair without even noticing.

Nails need to be trimmed approximately every two weeks. There are mant different on the market. Purchase the ones you feel most comfortable with. Do not trim too far into the quick as this will make them bleed. Many vets do this at a inexpensive price if you do not feel comfortable doing this.

Coton de Tulear ears need to be kept clean and hair free. You can purchase a bottle of ear powder at most pet supply stores. The ear powder makes the hair easy to pluck with your fingers and takes away the slipperiness. Experienced
dog groomers use hemostats. You must be very careful what you put in any dogs ears. If you use a groomer, they do this for you.

Deciding if a Coton du Tulear is right for you

When purchasing any dog is it is a long commitment that can range from ten to twenty years in some cases. There are many things to consider before choosing a breed for you or your family.

Size is important. Do you know if you want a lap dog, or a big dog. Maybe one in the middle.

Do you own your own house? Or do you rent? Renting is much harder to own a large dog. Many places have a weight or size limit. If you do not own, be sure to check out the requirements where you live first.

Activity level is another factor to consider along with the amount of time you have to spend on training and grooming.

The Coton de Tulear is a small companion dog and is very sturdy for a small dog.

I have clients who walk morning and night (2 x a day) with their Cotons. I have people who are trail walkers and very out door people. Then, I have people who just want a companion dog and or a couch potato. My point here is, the Coton acclimates very well to your environment. Just as any athlete, a dog must be conditioned before taking on heavy activity.

The Coton averages approximately 8to18 lbs, it depends on the breeder and their lines.

The Coton has a long coat and requires grooming. If kept in a long coat, grooming the Coton is very time consuming. Most pet people keep their dog in a puppy cut which makes grooming very easy.

Coton de tulears have the reputation of a clown and are very happy go lucky.

They are companion dogs and want to please their owners and be with you.

The lifespan of a Coton is 14 to 16 years.

The Coton de Tulear is a non shedding and non allergenic breed which is good fir people with allergies.

There is one other saying about the Coton, they are like lays potato chips, you can never have just one.

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